Alisa Peterson, Soprano

"Her stratospheric range and stylistic suppleness were impressive."

Robert Coleman, Salt Lake Tribune, Tan Dun's Water Passion After St. Matthew a Libby Gardner Concert Hall

Peterson, who has a powerfully dramatic voice but also knows how to carefully modulate it with beautifully crafted expressiveness, was radiant in the final two movements. She captured the anguish and suffering in the third movement 'Litanei (Litany)' and the at times unnerving otherworldliness of the final movements 'Entrückung (Rapture)'"

Ed Reichel, Deseret News, Schoenberg's 2nd String Quartet, Vieve Gore Hall

Alisa Peterson, who is a wonderfully dynamic singer, gave an effortless performance of the piece that showed her vocal prowess to the fullest."

Ed Reichel, Deseret News, Milton Babbitt’s Phonemena, Dumke Recital Hall

Alisa Peterson